Labour and Industrial Relations

Disciplinary policies & procedures

A Disciplinary Code is required to ensure that all employees are informed of the code of conduct that is expected of them in the workplace and what the procedures would be should the employee’s fail to comply. The disciplinary code guides organisations when they need to discipline employee’s to ensure consistent application and progressive discipline. Getting Legal draft’s costume made disciplinary codes, policies and procedures, which comply with all relevant labour legislation.

Staff Counselling

Staff Counselling forms an important part in an organisations employee assistance program and is in certain instances imperative prior to disciplining an employee for transgression of a rule.  Getting Legal will conduct staff counselling on behalf of our clients or alternatively guide our clients in the manner in which the counselling should be conducted.

Chairing of hearings

A Disciplinary Hearing forms part of the disciplinary procedure and should be conducted by a Chairperson with the required skills and knowledge to ensure compliance to legislation as failure could result in an organisation being procedurally unfair. Getting Legal has qualified labour consultants that will ensure that the charge sheet is drafted correctly and that the hearing is conducted fairly and according to the provisions of the relevant legislation.


Commission of Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration. This commission assists, employees and employers to find an amicable solution, when a situation has been filed to the commission, in a process called conciliation, should the parties be unable to reach a form of settlement the matter will proceed to arbitration, this process is similar to the court where both parties will have to provide evidence and put their case to a commissioner who will then, according to evidence provided make a decision and an Arbitration Award will then be made to which both parties will have to comply as failure to comply will lead to the matter becoming a court order. Getting Legal can assist an individual with their application to the CCMA and Organisations in preparing their case for the proceedings at the CCMA.

Union negotiations

Unions forms an important part in labour relations and it is important that organisations understand the rights that unions are entitled to, ensuring that the organisation complies and the unions do not overstep their rights provides in the Labour Relations Act. Getting Legal can assist your organisation in understanding the rights of unions and can also deal and negotiate with unions on behalf of your organisation.