Legislation Compliance

Compliance with legislation

Organisations are required to not only display the relevant labour legislation but also comply with the legislation i.e. Basic Conditions of Employment Act; Labour Relations Act; Occupational Health and Safety Act; Employment Equity Act; Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act; Skills Development Act and other related legislation. Getting Legal assists organisation to display the required Act and to understand and comply with the provisions of each Act.

Constitution of committees

Labour legislation states that committees such as a Health and Safety; Employment Equity and Training Committees should be formulated to ensure that the entire workforce is represented  on these forums so that when decisions are made all occupational levels have given input. Health and Safety Committee’s should consist of a Health and Safety Manager and health and safety representatives; Employment Equity should have a representation of all occupational levels and together they will formulate the Employment Equity plan and also the report; the Training Committee will also consist of representation of all occupational levels and in this committee skills gaps and training requirements of the organisation is identified and relevant training is planned and budgeted for. Getting Legal assists organisations to understand the requirements in accordance with legislation and assists organisations to form the relevant committees.

Compiling of required documentation

Documentation forms an essential part of the duties of the relevant committees. Health and Safety files are required.  An Employment Equity Plan should be displayed in the workplace. A Workplace Skills Plan should be drafted and the organisation should have  the required polices in place. Getting Legal assists organisation to draft, compile and display all required documentation.

Compliance to BBBEE

Organisations with a turnover under 5mil is exempt and will therefore be a level 4 contributor; Between 5 to 35mil an organisation will be measured against four of the seven elements; once an organisations turnover exceeds the 35mil mark the organisation will be measured against all seven elements they are Ownership; Management; Employment Equity; Skills Development; Preferential Procurement; Socio-economic Development; Enterprise Development. Getting Legal assists organisations in the preparation prior to verification ensuring better results once the organisation undergoes verification.