Payroll and HR Services

Full Function Payroll

Full payroll administration; reconciliations and reports. Getting Legal, a proud member of the South African Payroll Association SAPA, can assist small and medium organisations that do not require a full time payroll administrator by doing the full payroll function.

Third Party Payments

Getting Legal is also able to pay third parties on behalf of their payroll clients this will include but is not limited to U.I.F, Workman’s Comp, SDL, Pension/Provident Fund, Garnishee’s and Union Fee’s

Payslips & Electronic Info Slips

Getting Legal provides hard copy payslips to all payroll clients; info electronic slips can also be provided to clients that request the service.

All HR Policies & Procedures

Getting Legal customises all human resource policies and procedures to fit our client’s specific needs and industry that they operate in. Policies ranging from a recruitment and selection policy; remuneration policy; training policy; employment equity policy; bbbee policy; health and safety but not limited to.

Recruitment & Placement

Once a client has prescribed the specifications of the vacant position the post is advertised internally should a possible candidate not exist within the organisation we source  most suitable candidates to be interviewed.

Reference & Qualification verification

Getting Legal verifies each candidates references and ensures that the qualifications are verified with SAQA, the South African Qualifications Authority.


Conducting of interviews on behalf of clients and short listing of candidates.

Psychometric testing

Getting Legal can conduct psychometric testing on candidates should our client require such test to be done prior to employing a prospective employee.

Disc (Personality) Assessment

Getting Legal strongly advises clients to do a disc profile assessment on a prospective employee prior to hiring an employee as the assessment gives a

Application & Termination documentation

Getting Legal assists organisations in drafting all documentation for applicants as well as the required documentation when an employee’s employment is terminated.

Submission of all required reports (I.E Employment Equity Report)

Getting Legal ensures that their clients draft, plan and submit all required reports as set out in our legislation.